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18.05.2011, 22:49 Uhr
LtCm / Lieutenant Commander

Avatar von Dragonsclaw2nd

Damit das nicht durcheinander gerät mache ich mal nen extra Server Thread auf.

Habe ne Liste der Commands "gefunden" und will euch das natürlich nicht vorenthalten:

  activateAFs           activates idAFEntity based entities
  addChatLine           internal use - core to game chat lines
  addObituaryLine       internal use - core to add obituary lines
  admin                 perform administration commands
  applyServerConfig     Applies a named server config.
  callvote              call a vote to change server settings, etc
  camera                Sets the current view to a named camera entity, or clear the camera if no name is given
  cameraNext            Sets the current view to the next camera found in the map
  cameraPrev            Sets the current view to the previous camera found in the map
  campaign              perform campaign commands
  cancelEvaluateServers Cancels the Evaluate Servers Message box
  cancelHostMigration   Cancels the Host Migration Message box
  cancelSessionSearch   Cancels the Session Search Message box
  chatPlayerProfileIndex Chats to the user of a specified client index
  clanJoinMatch         Matchmake into clan challenge for given index.
  clearCCFModelCache    removes any old entries from the ccf model cache, so systems that don't use the cache can make use of them
  clearLights           clears all lights
  clearToolTipCookies   clears all tooltip state cookies, so they will be played again
  clientClass           change your class
  clientDefaultSpawn    revert to default spawn
  clientMessageMode     ingame gui message mode
  clientPrimaryWeapon   change your primary weapon
  clientReady           Sets player ready for first spawn
  clientTeam            change your team
  clientWantSpawn       tap out
  collisionModelInfo    shows collision model info
  createChallenge       creates a challenge with a given map
  createTournament      creates a tournament with given playlist settings
  cutsceneWeaponFire    Fire off the weapon for all animated actors currently not hidden.
  damage                apply damage to an entity
  debugMapIntro         Debug map intro for players.
  deleteCharacter       Delete a profile character.
  demiGod               enables demi god mode. Can never have less than 1 health.
  dumpPhysicsSet        Dumps out the models for a specified physics set.
  dumpProficiencyData   Dumps out the proficiency events.
  dumpScript            unloads scripts
  dumpToolTips          dumps out all the tooltips to tooltips.txt
  dumpWarnings          dumps warnings to a text file
  endGame               Force end a game. Optional team that wins
  entityCommand         runs the specified command on all sdCommandEntities currently spawned
  exportGameScriptEvents exports code for using entity events from game script
  findServers           Starts a Session Search task
  fireteam              perform fireteam related commands
  flythroughBandings    Launches the flythrough camera and dumps fps bandings to csv file when finished.
  game_memory           displays game class info
  gameCrash             cause a crash in the game module (dev purposes)
  getServerRules        Stops a Session Search task
  getviewpos            prints the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll
  give                  gives one or more items
  giveItem              gives an item
  giveProficieny        Dumps out the proficiency events.
  god                   enables god mode
  health                sets the players health
  hideSurface           hides surface for testmodel
  incap                 incapacitates the player
  invitePlayer          Shows the GUI to invite a player
  keepTestModel         keeps the last test model in the game
  kill                  kills the player
  killAllBots           causes all bots on the server to suicide and respawn
  killClass             removes all entities of 'class'
  killMoveables         removes all moveables
  killRagdolls          removes all ragdolls
  killType              removes all entities of 'type'
  leaderboardReadFriends Reads leaderboard entries for user and their friends
  leaderboardReadPivot  Reads a number of leaderboard entries pivoted around current user's rank
  leaderboardReadRank   Reads a number of leaderboard entries starting from a given rank
  leaderboardWrite      Writes score entry to a leaderboard for the current logged in user
  listAbilities         lists abilities - optional parameter is the client number
  listActiveEntities    lists active game entities
  listAnimDefProblems   list the differences between security average and resistance average
  listAnims             lists all animations
  listAntiLagObjects    List all objects we're recording historic data for.
  listCharacters        List all characters for profile.
  listClasses           lists game classes
  listClientEntities    lists Client Entities
  listCollisionModels   lists collision models
  listEntities          lists game entities
  listEvents            lists all active events
  listEventUseCount     lists how often events have been run
  listFailedBotActions  list failed bot actions.
  listFriends           List the friend for all clients.
-1 = no friend found
-2 = invalid net client id
  listGUIDefines        lists all GUI defines.
  listGUIs              lists all allocated GUIs
  listMapUnlocks        list map unlocks.
  listModelCache        Lists entries in the player model cache
  listNetworkEntities   lists networked synced game entities
  listPrimaryBotActions List all primary bot actions for a bot and a debug trace to bot action origins.
  listProfileUnlocks    list unlocks unlocked in the profile.
  listScriptObjects     lists script objects
  listSelectedAbilities lists abilities - optional parameter is the client number
  listSpawnArgs         list the spawn args of an entity
  listThreads           lists script threads
  listUnlockedDLC       list all unlocked DLC.
  listUnlocks           list all unlocks.
  listVisibilityEntities lists unlocks unlocked
  makeEnvMaps           Recreates the environment maps for the level
  matchStateMigration   Migrate match state to currently set primary/other states
  matchStateOther       Set the other match states
  matchStatePrimary     Set the primary match state
  memStat               Print current memory statistics.
  muteClientIndex       Mutes a client
  muteMic               Mutes your microphone
  muteVoice             Mutes all clients voices
  networkSpawn          spawns a game entity during a network game
  nextAnim              shows next animation on test model
  nextFrame             shows next animation frame on test model
  nextMap               change to the next map
  noclip                disables collision detection for the player
  notarget              disables the player as a target
  pauseGame             pauses the game
  pausePhysicsSet       Stops the objects in a physics set from moving.
  playPhysicsDemo       Starts playing back a physics demo for the given set.
  popLight              removes the last created light
  prevAnim              shows previous animation on test model
  prevFrame             shows previous animation frame on test model
  printActiveAndCompositeQueues Print active and composite queues
  printCameraRealFrames Prints actual camera frames for camera decl
  printUserGUID         prints the guid of the currently logged in user
  profileDefaultPlayerClass Sets the default player class for character currently loaded
  profileWeaponPrimary  Sets the default primary weapon character currently loaded
  profileWeaponReset    Resets the default weapons for character currently loaded
  profileWeaponSecondary Sets the default secondary weapon character currently loaded
  ps_restart            Restarts the particle system.
  ps_spawn              Spawns a particle system based on the specified decl.
  ps_stop               Stops the particle system.
  reconnectOnlineServices Reconnect to Online Services
  recordPhysicsDemo     Starts recording physics for the given set.
  refreshCurrentServers Refreshes all the servers in the current server list
  refreshServer         Refreshes an individual server in the current server list
  refuseInviteMessage   Refuse a sdnet invite message.
  reloadAnims           reloads animations
  reloadGuiGlobals      reloads gloabal gui properties
  reloadScript          reloads scripts
  reloadUserGroups      reloads user groups
  remove                removes an entity
  reportAnimState       Reports the entity number's current animation state
  resetAllBotsGoals     causes all bots to dump their current goals and start fresh
  resetPhysicsSet       Resets the objects in a physics set to their spawning positions.
  resetSurfaces         shows all surfaces for testmodel
  say                   text chat
  sayFireteam           fireteam text chat
  sayTeam               team text chat
  selectPerk            Give an ability.
  serverMapRestart      restart the current game
  serverStartDemos      forces all clients to start recording demos
  setAtmosphere         Set the atmosphere for the current area
  setCharacter          Set a profile character as the current.
  setInviteMessage      Simulate the reception of a sdnet invite message.
  setSpectateClient     switches to spectating the client specified, either by name or index
  setviewpos            sets the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll
  showCommunitySessions Shows the Guide's community sessions UI (360)
  showSignInUI          Shows the user sign in UI
  showSurface           show surface for testmodel
  spawn                 spawns a game entity
  stats                 stats debugging tool
  stopFindingServers    Stops a Session Search task
  stopPhysicsDemo       Stops recording/playing back physics for the given set.
  teleport              teleports the player to an entity location
  testAnim              tests an animation
  testAutoChatter       plays an autochat declaration
  testBlend             tests animation blending
  testClearAbilities    Clear abilities for the local player. Removes total xp, abilities bought and dpad binds.
  testClearUnlocks      Clear all unlocks.
  testFade              View fade testing.
  testGiveAbility       Give an ability.
  testGiveAchievement   Give an achievement by decl name.
  testGiveAllUnlocks    Gives all unlocks.
  testGiveRank          Give a certain rank to a profile.
  testGiveRankLevel     Give a certain rank level to a profile.
  testGiveRankXp        Give XP to a profile directly.
  testGiveUnlock        Gives an unlock.
  testGiveUnlockId      Give unlocks of a certain id to local player.
  testGUI               Replace the main menu with a test gui.
  testHasAbility        Has an ability.
  testLight             tests a light
  testMissionIntelGathering Spawn an intel gathering mission if it doesn't exist already. Intel gathering map entity is required.
  testMissionSuperBuffs Spawn an super buff mission if it doesn't exist already. Map with Super buff nodes required.
  testModel             tests a model
  testNarrator          tests the narrator via autochatter
  testParticleStopTime  tests particle stop time on a test model
  testPointLight        tests a point light
  testPrecache          Precaches an entitydef, then spawns it, to check for any additional unprecached media
  testRadio             tests the radio effect by getting a random actor to say a random line of speech
  testRadioCommander    tests the commander via autochatter
  testRemoveAbility     Sell an ability.
  testRemoveUnlock      Removes an unlock.
  testShaderParm        sets a shaderParm on an existing testModel
  testSkin              tests a skin on an existing testModel
  testSpeakers          tests the speaker setup by saying their names out of each speaker in turn
  testSpeech            play a random sound shader with the string 'autochatter' in the name
  testTransferXP        Transfer XP between characters for a profile.
  testVoicePack         play a random voice pack sound shader
  toggleCheatContext    Toggle the cheat context (controller can access commands).
  togglePause           toggle game pause
  trigger               triggers an entity
  trueSkillRead         Reads the true skill values
  trueSkillWrite        Write true skill for all users in the current session
  unmuteClientIndex     Unmutes a client
  unmuteMic             Unmutes your microphone
  unmuteVoice           Unmutes all clients voices
  unPauseGame           unpauses the game
  unPausePhysicsSet     Lets the objects in a physics set move after having been paused.
  viewPlayerProfileIndex Shows the profile of a specified client index
  viewPlayerProfileRank Shows the profile of a specified rank on the current leaderboard
  vote                  send your vote response
  where                 prints the current view position (x y z) yaw pitch roll
  zoomInCommandMap      zoom in the command map
  zoomOutCommandMap     zoom out the command map
217 commands

kill, god und solche schönen Sachen sind natürlich Cheat protected :P

Und hier nochmal meine aktuelle Server.cfg (auch wenn er sich nur zum Teil daran hält )

//// DRAGOS BRINK SERVER /////////////

//////////////////SERVER STUFF///////////////////////

//Server Configuration
//Old Skool
applyServerConfig Advanced

//Game Rules
//si_rules sdGameRulesStopWatch
//si_rules sdGameRulesObjective
//si_rules sdGameRulesChallenge
//si_rules sdGameRulesCampaign
si_rules sdGameRulesObjective

//Set the name of your server
//schon in bat//set si_name "Dragos BRINK Server"

// si_adminName "Dragonsclaw2nd"
// si_motd_1 "Welcome to Dragos Server."
// si_motd_2 "Respect other players."
// si_motd_3 "Do not camp & play fair."
// si_motd_4 "Enjoy Playing!"
//set si_website "www.__.com"

//Password your server?
//0 = No
//1 = Yes
si_needpass "0"

//Password for your server - si_needpass NEEDS to be set to 1!
g_password "ServerPassword"

//Set the play mode
//si_playmode 0 = solo
//si_playmode 1 = Co-op
//si_playmode 2 = versus
si_playmode "2"

//Allow server to be borrowed by players who are using matchmaking service?
//This will allow the match making service to use your server when it is empty!
net_allowServerHijacking "0"

//Set who can join your server
//0 = SOLO
si_onlineMode "3"

//Server time limit
si_timelimit "30"


//Max players
//This seems to be broken, I think?
si_maxPlayers "16"

//Amount of players required to start a match
si_minPlayers "1"

//Max players per team
si_maxTeamSize "8"
// si_minTeamSize "8"

//max HUMAN players
si_maxPlayersHuman "16"


//net_serverRemoteConsolePassword ""
//net_clientRemoteConsoleAddress <>
//net_clientRemoteConsolePassword <*****>

//////////////////BASIC RULES////////////////////////

//Enable spectating
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_spectators "1"

//Set if players can only join the smaller size team
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_teamForceBalance "1"

//Friendly fire
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_teamDamage "0"

//Diable Voting?
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_disableVoting "0"


//Bot Setting
bot_enable "1"
bot_minClients "16"

//Bot Difficulty
//-1 = ANY
//0 = EASY
//1 = NORMAL
//2 = HARD
si_botDifficulty "1"


//Allow players to spawn and play during warm-up period
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_warmupSpawn "1"

//Percentage of players that need to ready up to start a match
si_readyPercent "50"

//Time to Autoready and start game, 1.0 = 1 Minute
g_autoreadywait "0.5"

/////////////////////ROTE GEGNER///////////////////////

//Rim lighting tints on enemies
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_enemyTintEnabled "0"

//////////////////////WELCHER RANG////////////////////

//Enable rank restrictons
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_rankRestricted "0"

//Restrict player ranks
//si_maxRank 0 = Rank 1 players only
//si_maxRank 1 = Rank 1 and 2 players only
//si_maxRank 2 = Rank 1, 2 and 3 players only
//si_maxRank 3 = Rank 1, 2, 3 and 4 players only
//si_maxRank 4 = All player ranks can join
si_maxRank "4"

//set si_privateClients "2"    //<-- geht nicht!
//set g_privatePassword "auz"  //<--- geht nicht

//////////////////////////////////////// /////////
//////////////////////////////////////// /////////

//Maprotation - FIXED!
//The server will run the below maps in the order listed.
//g_mapRotationFixed "mp/aquarium,mp/ccity,mp/reactor,mp /refuel,mp/resort,mp/sectow,mp/shipyard, mp/terminal"

//Maprotation - VOTE!
//Server will allow the players to vote which map to play at the end of each round! They can ONLY choose from the maps listed below!
g_mapRotationVote "mp/aquarium,mp/ccity,mp/reactor,mp/refuel,mp/resort,mp/sectow,mp/shipyard,mp/terminal"

//SPAWN SERVER (Start Server with map aquarium)
spawnServer "mp/ccity.entities"


The optimist believes, that this ist the best of all possible worlds. And the pessimist fears that it is true!
I'm the victim. God is a mean kid over an anthill with a magnifying glass, and I'm the ant. He could fix my life in five minutes if he wanted to, but he'd rather burn off my feelers, and watch me squirm!
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